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Best CBCT Scan in South Ex Delhi CBCT is a 3-Dimensional view of any area of interest. It gives a detailed information of the site to be worked upon. It makes Implant Planning, Root Canal Treatment, Impaction and any other Oral Surgical Procedures virtually error free. For CBCT Scan, visit our CBCT Scan Clinic now!!
CBCT AND IMPLANT PLACEMENT Implant is a well established method to replace a missing tooth/teeth permanently. Success rate of implant depends a lot upon the clinician and his method of placement. CBCT is a X-ray which illustrates the site of interest 3 dimensionally. Needless to say CBCT improves the understanding of implant placement site. This in turn improves the success rate of implant making a CBCT scan prior to implant placement vital. Contact CARE N CURE DENTAL & COSMETOLOGY to book an appointment for CBCT SCAN.
CONE BEAM COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY (CBCT) CBCT is relatively new imaging technology. It works on the concept of traditional CT scan. CBCT scanner rotates around the patient's head, obtaining up to nearly 600 distinct images; it then reconstructs these images into a unique 3-DIMENSIONAL view of area of interest. With help of 3-dimensional image the clinician is able to visualise the facial structures from all the planes. This helps to bring out favourable outcome of the dental treatment. Contact CARE N CURE DENTAL & COSMETOLOGY for booking an appointment.
DENTAL TREATMENT MADE EASY BY CBCT Are you about to undergo dental treatment? Enquire your dentist about CBCT IMAGING: Cone Beam Computed Tomography. CBCT provides a 3D image of the area of interest. It gives vital information like nerve course, bone density, soft tissue and airway information, root canal's/nerve canal's virtual endoscopy etc. CBCT imaging so not only will aid in your dental treatment but also ensure a successful treatment outcome. It would ensure that your endodontic, orthodontic, surgical, implant placement and periodontic treatment with a big hit. We at, CARE N CURE DENTAL & COSMETOLOGY, are dedicated towards providing quality dental treatment under one roof. Our latest introduction of ACTEON X-MIND TRIUM CBCT MACHINE enhances our practice quality and patient's satisfaction. Its the FIRST MACHINE OF INDIA and it comes loaded with all the updated features that a clinician can think of. We not only help our patients with a successful treatment but also aid other clinicians also. Contact us for booking an appointment for CBCT for yourself or for your patient.